A new hospitality concept in Cervinia


Base Camp is a new concept of accomodation, food and shop in Cervinia.

Comfortable places to socialize and spend time in relax, enjoying an offer of dishes to eat or take away.


Innovative or traditional deliciuos Pizza,
to be consumed on site at the Base Camp or to take away.

6.00 PM – 10.00 PM

Discover our pizzas


From December to April, every day of the week Base Camp offers, from 07.30 am to 11.00 am a unique international breakfast: salted, sweet, cakes, cornflakes, waffles, cafeteria, and fresh fruit juices all at buffet service. From 18:00 until 22:00, Base Camp will be a friendly restaurant/pizzeria.


7:30 – 11:00

18.00 – 22.00



The choice of coffee and beverages has been taken on the base of freedom and high quality: for the coffee a partnership with Illy and Franke coffee machine – for the beverages just drink in glass also for coca-cola and water and a research of the best one on the market!

At the same time we take care of the right price, also in this case the self-service formula allow us to give you the best at the best price!


For the beer we have choose an important italian brand….PERONI.
This partnership gives us the opportunity to make you find an historical, behind the time with the latest tendency in the beer camp brand.

Starting from 2017 we have enlarged the draft offer with London Pride and a new range of bottled beers including the award winning Menabrea and the Aosta Valley artisanal beers from Biere des Salasses.


Base Camp offers the opportunity of a wine cellar unique for its selection and its fruition.

We selected different International and italian wines basing on different parameters, so t be able to offer a wide selection:

Month selection: 3 or 4 red and white 375 and 750 cl shake wines, a cider and a prosecco or a spumante, all at less than 15€. They are all very interesting and choose  to offer at a unexpected price new tastes and a good quality/price connection.

Glass selection: 8 bottle for 8 excellence…..the opportunity to know or rediscover the best Italian wines, the most famous producers and the best year.


A wide selection of spirits chosen with the purpose to make you discover new brands and new tastes from the well known ones.

High quality and all the new tendencies to try something completely different from the usual whisky, gin, porto, vodka and all the other classic spirits and also some unexpected surprises.


Base Camp Gastro Grocery is not a table service restaurant!
Base Camp Gastro Grocery is not a gastronomy!
Base Camp Gastro Grocery is an alternative concept to cook at home not to a restaurant. Our offers are inviting and nutritious. They are all cooked in our kitchen and packed respecting hygienical rules.


Strada Cielo Alto 11028 Breuil-Cervinia (AO)